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Friday, April 23, 2010

Scholarship test for Admission in Canadian Colleges

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mr. Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal
Chandigarh Group of Colleges
Punjab, India

Dear Mr. Dhaliwal:

Chandigarh Group of Colleges has made notable contributions towards imparting quality education to many bright students and thus catering to their professional aspirations.

In order to further aid your institute in providing opportunities of career growth to your students, Canadian Education Consultancy Services (CECS) in collaboration with reputed Canadian Government Colleges is conducting a scholarship test for students wishing to pursue higher education in Canada. CECS is a Government of Ontario recognized student recruiting agency currently recruiting students for public universities and colleges of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Our head office is located in London, Ontario and we recruit students from fifteen countries. In May 2007, C.E.C.S opened an office at Chandigarh as well.

This scholarship test would test English and Mathematics aptitude of students. It is based on Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) and takes 155 minutes to complete. The details of the test are in the accompanying attachment.

The scholarship tests are being scheduled for April 23 at Chandigarh. As this event is commensurate with your institute’s vision and mission, CECS would like to offer your students an opportunity to participate in this test.

The registration for the test has commenced and if any of your students wish to pursue higher education in Canada they may register for this event by calling the forwarding office of Canadian Education Consultancy Services at 99159 22440. The cost is merely Rs. 450 or Canadian Dollar 10.

If this interests you, please contact me at> or 001-647-984-5051.


Parvinder Burn

Parvinder Burn
Manager International Recruitment
Canadian Education Consultancy Services
1421 Western Rd., London
Ontario, N6G 4W4
Ph: 647-984-5051


Details of Scholarship Exam
The Scholarship exam is based on CAAT exam and consists of Five Sections, namely
1. Vocabulary (34 questions)
2. Reading Comprehension (50 questions)
3. Number Operations (40 questions)
4. Problem Solving (40 questions)
5. Language (54 questions)
Students appearing in the scholarship test shall be tested on five sections:

1. Vocabulary

The vocabulary subtest is designed to assess the knowledge and understanding of words that are frequently encountered by adults in their work or other daily activities. The Vocabulary subtest consists of 34 multiple-choice questions. For each question, the examinee is asked to read a sentence where three alternatives are given for the last word in that sentence. This subtest includes words sampled from general or applied vocabulary, from vocabulary associated with physical and natural sciences, and from vocabulary of the social sciences.
Sample A
Something is said to be counterfeit when it _______

a. Doesn’t fit

b. Is ugly

c. Is fake

2. Reading Comprehension

The reading comprehension subtest is designed to measure the examinee’s comprehension of written material. The Reading Comprehension subtest in consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The reading passage includes material of a functional nature (signs, advertisements, letters etc.) and material of an educational nature. Each passage is followed by a series of multiple-choice questions designed to test the examinee’s ability not only to comprehend what is explicit in the material, but also to make inferences and to draw conclusions from what is given.
Rose Ann Robbins, M.D. is pleased to announce the opening of her practice of Family Medicine 1505 Grand Ave., Room 768 Phone:875-2333

A. This ad tells about the opening of a _____

a. Family

b. Hospital

c. Medical practice

d. School

3. Number operations

The objectives measured by the Number Operations subtest include reading and writing numerals; interpreting fractions; factorization; ratio, proportion, and percent; equations; powers and roots; and computation with integers.

4. Problem Solving

The problem solving subtest requires the examinee to solve 40 problems. The types of problems included in the subtest represent those that a student is likely to encounter and assess the examinee’s ability to determine an outcome, to record and retrieve information, to measure, and to use geometric concepts and to predict or to verify statistics

5. Language

It is designed to measure an examinee’s functional knowledge and effective use of English language. The Language subtest is organized into four parts: reference skills, language sensitivity, conventions, and paragraph arrangement.
Sample A
Where would be the best place to find out how to pronounce the word “recipe”?

a. An atlas

b. An almanac

c. An encyclopedia

d. A dictionary

The total time allowed for test is 155 minutes.


University of Wolverhampton scholarship!!!!

Office of Dean Student's Welfare
                                     CGC, Landran
                                                                                                      April 23, 2010
Scholarship Hunt   

Scholarship Hunt will provide a unique opportunity to students passing out with a Bachelor’s degree in 2010 from CGC to win a prestigious scholarship, to study at the University of Wolverhampton. The University of Wolverhampton’s School of Computing and Information Technology, is awarding Two Full Tuition Fee Scholarships for the course of MSc Computer Science in India for the session commencing September 2010.

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduate Scholarship in MSc. Computer Science

The graduates from India who satisfy the entire criteria mentioned below shall be eligible to participate in hunt:

  1. A citizen of India
  2. A student who has passed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science by June 2010 from  CGC
  3. Scored a minimum of 80% overall in your Bachelor’s degree
  4. Proficiency in English Language :
    • Have scored at least 6.0 bands in IELTS or Equivalent
  5. Confirmed that they will comply with all the relevant University application and admission rules and regulations

Students who satisfy the eligibility criteria as mentioned above must register for participation by completing the application form.
 The Application form can be obtained from the DSW office, CEC Engineering Block 1, CGC , Landran. Last date for filling the application form is June 30, 2010.

Dean Student’s Welfare
CGC , Landran


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Infosys emails joining letters

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Infosys Technologies emails joining letters to 2010 batch selected students.. Approximate dates for various collegs are as follows:

CITM Faridabad--- Mid December 2010
CCET                 ---November 2010
IP                        --- jan/oct (varying acc to colg and stream)
mullana                      aug/oct
itm  gurgaon               nov
radaur                        dec/jan
uiet                             june

Zensar Technologies joining dates

Zensar has divided the students into 4 groups and has announced the joinings
For more detials visit Zensar Online forum...
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