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Friday, August 28, 2009


Friday, August 28, 2009
  1. kindly give your resumes in the format that has already been uploaded in prev post.
  2. Kindly give your name if you are interested in earn while you learn programme.
  3. Kindly give your name if you are interested in ibm contest "The great mind challenge09".
  4. Kindly tell if you have already filled the Indian Navy form or not filled the form yet but still want to take part
  5. Kindly tell if you have alraedy filled the form for Indian Air Force
Please give me all these details by Saturday evening
by email at or
or sms/call on my mobile
or leave a comment here.



Anjul Hans said...

Indian Navy- Anjul Hans Roll No. 6040301295
Indian Air Force- Anjul Hans Roll No.6040301295
interested in IBM Contest

Gagan Kalra said...

Indian Navy-Gagan Kalra-6040301309
India Air Force-Gagan Kalra-6040301309

parminder said...

Indian Navy- Parminder Kaur Roll No. 7004030079

Anonymous said...

Indian Navy-Ajay Thakur-6040301288

GREWAL said...

Earn while you learn- yes interested .
Indian navy - interested but haven't filled the form yet
Amrinder Singh -6040301293

Anonymous said...

Indian Navy- Amandeep Singh Roll No. 6040301290

Anonymous said...

Indian navy - yes
ravinder singh
roll no 7004030083

Anonymous said...

Indian navy - yes
ravinder singh

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