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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Merchant Navy on 20 Nov 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Not for CSE!!! Its only for ECE

This is a pay back training programme. This is on Demand by students
As a general rule in Merchant Navy no Shipping Company can make any bond with his employee. Hence after providing such expensive training if any of employees will leave the company it is a huge loss.
Why it is called payback training program?
For example we have selected one student for electrical officer on board ship after passing B.E. (Electrical /EEE/E&TC/EC/E&C). He will first undergo for a 04 months Pre-sea training or ground training in an academy approved by D.G.Shipping Government of INDIA. In his 2nd phase of on board training he will join on board ship for 9 months as a Trainee Electrical Engineer or Officer and will get minimum 30 to 40000/-Rs as stipend. Along with that his entire things (i.e. lodging, boarding, food, medial, insurance etc) are free on board ship.

For the above mentioned program he will have to bear the charges for his training and it will cost 2, 60,000/-(including everything). Now out of 2, 60,000/- 80% he can get from bank around 2, 08,000 as education loan and 52,000/- he can pay by comfortable installments. In his 09 months on board-ship training program the total stipend he will receive around Rs.270000/-. That's why this training program is called pay back training programme. The same is applicable to our different programmes i.e. B.E. (MECHNICAL)/B.E. (C.S)/B.E. (IT) and the training cost also varies. For detail please refer to next page.

Why the Training charges are required and what these include?
As we have already mentioned that after providing such expensive training if the student will not join to us, we are helpless because we cannot make any kind of bond.

Any Approved academy which is entitled to provide such kind at training charges from us on behalf of the students. It is a complete residential Training and it includes:-


Along with that the specific on board training for 09-18 months charges is also included. It includes his Air ticket, visa, documentation and rest of charges. So it is well understood that in case of ETO (04 months pre-sea + 09 months aboard), GME (12months pre-sea + 10 months on board), GES (06 months pre-sea + 18 months on board+06 months U.K)the mentioned training charges are relevant.

Moreover before they sit in our Recruitment drive we give them a complete clear picture and discuss about all including training charges and so many others things. After listening and understanding the whole concept, only interested students will sit for the examination. For any further more detail you can write to us.

The charges of Training for different branches:-

  • POST:- ETO
  • Total Training Charges:-2,60,000/-
  • Bank loan up to:- 2,08,000/-
  • Student has to pay:-52,000/-(in installment).
Training duration:-04 months (pre-sea) + 09 months (on board ship)

Pay back during training period:-

Joining as Trainee Electrical Officer onboard ship for 09 months they get a stipend of Rs.30, 000/- to 40,000/-per month.

Note:-1st contract duration 09 months

(Total payback 09*30,000=2, 70,000/-)


Salary Expected: - 1.5 to 2 Lakh per month.

Total Training Charges:-3,80,000/-
  • Bank loan up to:- 3,04,000/-
  • Student has to pay:-76,000/-(in installment).

Training duration:-12 months (pre-sea) to 10months (on board ship)

Pay back during training period:-

Being a Trainee Marine Engineer once he will join on board ship for 10 months he will get a stipend at Rs.35.000/- to 40,000/- per month.

Note:-1st contract duration 10 months

(Total payback 10*35,000=3, 50,000/-)


Salary Expected: - 1.75 to 1.80 Lakh per month.

  • POST:-GES(Along with M.B.A in shipping & logistic)
  • Total Training Charges:-4,50,000/-
  • Bank loan up to:- 3,60,000/-
  • Student has to pay:-90,000/-(in installment).

Training duration:-06 months (pre-sea) +18 months (on board ship)+06 months (in UK/NZ for post-sea for second officer)

Pay back during training period:-

Being a Trainee navigating officer he will have to work on board ship for 18 months. Stipend in this duration is 15 to 20,000/- so 18*15000=2, 70,000/-(pay back during training) and in 3rd phase they have earn and learn program in UK/NZ for 06 months and they can earn approximately 2, 50,000/- in this duration.

Note:-1st contract duration 18 months

(Total payback 18*15,000=2, 70,000/-)

Note:-in 3rd phase they have earn & learn program

In UK/NZ for 06 months

Where they can earn approximately 2, 50,000 in this duration

Next Position:-SECOND OFFICER.

Salary Expected: - 2 to 2.5 Lakh per month.

With Warm Regards,

Ritesh Singla

"Be Gentle to Others
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But Because YOU are One !"

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