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Monday, December 28, 2009

Do you really want placement??????

Monday, December 28, 2009
This is for the information of all the students that all eligible students must attend the training session for TCS Drive.
Anyone who is not willing to sit for placements may back off and inform college about the same so that college does not pass your name as ELIGIBLE candidate for placements.
You all may be having "Approach" , if yes.. don't play with others' future and straightaway inform college authorities that you are a big person who doesn't require any support for placement...
Let others don't suffer because of you!
Mind it! that if you don't want to be placed, college authorities may stop all recruitment drives for 2010 batch.. and yes i am not joking ,,,
If you don't want it, why should college bear the losses!---A true statement--

Why doesn't the college want students to appear without taking training???
The company evaluates a college on the basis of a ratio i.e. Placed:Appeared. If you are not trained, the ratio will obviously fall down and company may not come to college at all.. This is what actually happened with our seniors and thats why its taking so much time to convince companies.. So college doesn't want that to happen again...
If you are not interested, all placement drives can be knocked off!

You all can comment here:::
POINT 1: Do you want placement?? (YES/NO)
POINT 2: Do you want to sit for TCS??(YES/NO)
POINT 3: Would you like to take a free 3 months training from college and do the rest(April-June) somewhere else??(YES/NO)



Ritika said...

Mr. Blog Admin,
If you are a true engineer, then I doubt. This kind of language should NEVER be written. Don’t be offended. I have logic for this - First of all, it is not well written. The lines are not conveying the actual meaning. Have you ever gone though the practice exercises where if you don’t put the punctuation marks at proper places, the whole meaning changes? I think you haven’t. Anyways that was one thing. The next thing was it was too repetitive. "You don’t want placements" in almost every line. It clearly states that you are a naive when it comes to the writing. If you are of the idea of posting something on the blog, there are some rules. Whole internet is there to search for these rules. Coming to the logic provided the ratio thing; there is no such criterion that at least we look for when we go for placements. It’s all about how your college approaches the company.

Please don’t be of the impression that this blog is only checked by the students. There are many others who look at it. So please maintain some dignity. If these comments of mine do not appear on the blog (which I am of the impression that it won’t); I would be glad that at least you have read fully it before taking it offline.

Anjul Hans said...

Ha ha nice to see response to the post!
You really have time in writing so much and just wasting your time instead of working out!
I just wanted to convey something.. which is very visible from my post.
I am attending my training to learn something.. if you are so perfect in everything, you really don't need to learn and sit at your place and waste your whole life.. ENJOY..
All the best for future.. may u succeed in life as you know everything and don't require any kind of upliftment in SKILLS.. Congrats..

One more thing.. I just don't go through what i type.. because i feel you all are quite intelligent to understand what i am trying to say.. and most of you do.. except some!!;)

Anjul Hans said...

Hey.. i forgot to add something..
I am not a person bound by some rules.. I write what i feel..because at the end its my blog!
using "You don't want placements" in every line indicates the stress on what i'm trying to say..and its good that u noticed--Thats success for me ;)

Discussing your line "Coming to the logic provided the ratio thing; there is no such criterion that at least we look for when we go for placements. It’s all about how your college approaches the company."
If you don't believe in this, that means you don't know how to contribute positively towards the organization you are a part of.. You don't follow the sustainable environment funda..(Do find that, if u have not studied the same)... and Yes i know it's(ratio funda) true because i have been to companies for Brochure presentation and i know what they ask..
Yes, thinking just about yourself may lead you higher in life on the sake of downfall of the organization.. and these are some selfish traits!

Before i end up writing... I am really sorry if i have hurt anyone(including you) in anyway..
and yes.. you have to bear with my incorrect english(hope to learn something from you in future)
Anjul Hans

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