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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project file doubt clearance.

Sunday, May 23, 2010
-U need to make two files
-Use bond paper(>=85gsm)(atleast for 1 file)(other file print can be taken out on simple a4 sheets(>=70gsm)
-Order: Title page, Certificate,Declaration,Certificate2(if u r nt allowed to get the code from company),index,acknowledgement,abstract,contents of file,CD
-(Try to)Follow the above format..
-1st file--original certificates
-2nd file--scanned certificates
-Recommended--rexine binding(black or blue color with golden printing)
-1st file(all screenshots and cec logo containing pages need to be colored)
-Use new cec logo and not the old one that is in the file (Click here to view)
-Recommended-85-100 pages
-golden printing is the same as that of title page(will be on both files)
-presentation 15-20 slides for 7 minutes
-CDs should contain source code(if allowd from the company), file soft copy, presentation soft copy
-Bring sealed envelope containing all six sheets as given before prepared from the company
Training forms(to download click here)
-Bring PPT only in word 97 mode..
-bring a spiral binded company stamped daily diary(recommended)


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